Les Zarados

Les Zarados is a good closing act for the small time with their aerial trapeze routine. Les Zarados should get shields made for his arm pits. They were holding them out for the next show, this house is playing to capacity.

George and Ray Perry

George and Ray Perry are ready for the Orpheum junior time with their banjo playing and their clever stage presences. They work very hard. The lady of the act is tall, titian haired and wears her costumes well. The male member should have his clothes pressed.  

Burke & Burke

Burke & Burke, two men one doing a gob and the other a petty officer, got several laughs with their material and may be one of the acts that will get next week.  

Whipple and Houston

Whipple and Houston is an act called “Life’s Shoe Shop” is an allegorical contraption. Houston gets a lot out of his rendition of “I’ve a Good Job Now,” and it goes as big as his last year favorite, “It Takes the Dough. Re Me Fa So La Si Do.”  

William Jossey and Co.

The act entitled “Vice” was thirty minutes long. The skit is a political family drama.