Russian troupe, eight in number. Danced with abandon and grace and wore Russian costumes

Cathrine Countiss

A young man and a widow elope. A chambermaid finds out and demands a $2 bribe. Only $1.98 can be raised and the two cents must be stolen from a monkey attached to a hand grinder. Miss Countiss played the widow with elaborate modesty and the young man was required to wear a bathrobe only and made no impression.

Sisters Macarte

Work on both the tightwire at the trapeze but have very little wire walking which affects the value of the act. Act is not well put together, should only have the aerial end.

May Boley

Surrounded by six girls and two men, its is almost a girl act. The girls are well made up for the country bumpkin parts. James H. Harrington does music and pantomime while the women change. The act is prettily costumed with fair looking girls.

Sam Collins

Changes from “Chinaman” to “Irishman” by wrapping the pigtail around his head back of the ears. The act was enhanced by clever dancing.