Archer & Carr

Novelty entertainers. A very pleasing and entertaining act between man and woman that went particularly well with our audience today. They have a good line of material and their closing song takes them off to generous applause. Act should prove a pleasing feature in this spot on any program. Olio in. time 15 min.

The 3 Sylvesters

Singing, dancing and boxing skit. This act is well known locally and each member of the team got a reception upon their entrance. They introduce a little Irish comedy, some singing and dancing, a couple of minutes on the flying rings and close with a burlesque boxing match between father and Master Larry, a 5 year old prodigy. Act went well in this spot but, in my opinion, is a good small-time offering. Open and close in 1, Time 17 min.

The Torleys

Novelty cyclists. Man and woman in as good a “straight” bicycle act as is to be found in vaudeville. Both of good appearance and are to be complimented for the neat way in which their act is dressed. Their routine is entertaining and applause was frequent throughout. A good enough opening act for any show in the country and could further down on the bill and command attention. Garden in 4. Time 12 min.

Dr. Herman

The Electrical Marvel. Never has there been such laughter as greeted this act today, the building seemed to shake and it will be necessary to tighten all the chairs in the house before the end of the week. A RIOT in all that the word implies and a thorough showman. Garden in 4. Time 20 min.

Weston, Fields & Carroll

Boys that sing. A very pleasing act that comes under the “rathskeller” classification. Went very big with today’s audience and held this spot nicely. Olio in 1. Time 14 min.

James Durkin & Co.

In “Discovered.” This is an intensely dramatic sketch by Richard Warner and exceptionally well presented by Mr. Durkin a dual role and two assistants. Held the audience breathless and got a big laugh on the unexpected comedy finish, relieving a seemingly tragic moment. Fcy in 3. Time 21 min.

Maxims Models

A very pretty sight act that was well received and created some favorable comment. Would do nicely on almost any bill and a great headline feature for the small time. Own set in 3. Time 15 min.

Geo. Nagel & Co.

“The Try-Out Act.” Another of these property men affairs with which vaudevilles has been surfeited the past few years. Watched the act intently today but don’t know yet what it is all about, don’t think the audience did either. There were a few laughs but I doubt if the act ever lands a knockout blow anywhere. Might go on the small time. Divided stage in 3. Time 20 min. close in 1, 4 min.

A Caruso Grand Opera Company

Seven men and a woman in an Italian operetta, “The Force of Destiny.” Men are uniformed as soldiers and officers and the woman is dressed in the garb of a man. Scene of a convent in the midst of a forest. This piece furnishes the cast and excellent vehicle for their voices. Although they sing in Italian they went good at both performances. As there is a big Italian settlement in this section I expect some good business. Time F.S. 19 min.

Tony Hunting and Corinne Francis

Presenting their comedy skit “The Love Lozenges.” She is nicely dressed girl with a sweet voice and received big hand for her rendition of two songs. Hunting has some good comedy which with his dancing earned him good hands at both shows. Time 17 in one.