Marion Vallance

9 Mins. One. Miss Vallance is a niece of Lady Lauder. She is a presentable Scotch girl of wholesome and buxom type.. She sang three songs in full stager following her distinguished uncle’s method of walking about and attempting to fill a whole stage, leaving the orchestra to repeat her choruses while she was making changes, and using Scottish stuff exclusively in costume and lyric. Her first song was too native to be intelligible to a mixed audience. Then she sang “Comin’ Through the Rye” and “Annie Laurie,” revealing a stout pair of lungs and a comely pair of limbs and little beyond these. The young woman has a heavy personality and a shrill, metallic voice, sometime off the key, often unmusical. She revealed no high moments and no falses of individual talent or even high technical culture. She would have a hard time, selling her single in the open market, though she may find a niche in musical comedy or get by neatly with a partner, one who could lend comedy, of which she is utterly devoid. Her appearance is an asset though when she becomes lost on a full stage, she looks ill at ease.