Lalla Selbini

Formerly of the Selbini family. Starts the act made up and looking handsome. She then discards her costume after some juggling and wears a skin tight piece of clothing. Does not wear a corset and she assumes positions that leave little to the imagination. The tricks are familiar and not difficult. A boy in black face acts as an assisstant.

Collins and Hart

Comical grotesque acrobatics. The wire used to support the “top-mounter” is very thin and cannot be seen against the woodland drop in use.

Three Constantine Sisters

Wore the same opening costumes from the “Vanderbilt Cup” but closed in a neat suit. The finish is mindful of the old Wayburn style and some of the acrobatic work should be left for the finale.

Greene and Werner

Had to dispense with their most effect piece of stage setting. Greene has cut down on his facial contortions when annoucing the song used.

Selma Braatz

Something went wrong and she did not recover. One of her torches fell in her closing number but the failure to have the house completely dark could have been the cause.

Lee Tung Foo

An “Americanized Chinaman” appeared in his “native garb”