Esther King

Esther King, the prima donna, had a beautiful voice and wears some very pretty gowns and knows how to wear ‘em. The chorus girls are worthy of a mention as they work real hard, and are about 100 per cent. The costumes worn by the girls are original in design and looked new, something seldom seen at a stock company table attraction.

Toots Kemp

Toots Kemp, who played a double role, shows some real class and well formed limbs. She “peps” up the show when she sings her numbers with the pretty sixteen behind her.

Du Nord (2).

12 Mins. Full Stage. ” Du Nord works in a neat eye, full stage, with transparent section which permits the audience to see the maid dressing him as he changes. He does three dances—a Spanish, toe and Egyptian dance. Not using his voice, and giving the house a glimpse of the maid, has the tendency to heighten the surprise when he takes off his wig at the finish.