Raymond and Penn-Guard

Box set in 3. Finish in 1. 14 minutes. This is Alice Raymond, the cornetist. She has parted company with Kurkamp and has a woman from Philadelphia named Penn-Guard who perhaps gives the act better tone than her former male companion. At any rate, it goes very well for an instrumental act.  

The Mathieus

In 4. 15 minutes. This fellow used to be in the two a day class and as his work is as good as ever he might be there now but for the fact that so many have imitated him and he seems to be unable to originate any new tricks.

Rackett Brothers

Exterior in 4. 16 minutes. Carry special scenery for their act. Their instrumental music and singing is excellent and it also has the advantage of being presented in a novel manner.

Collins and Hart

Exterior in 4. 14 minutes. Commence their acrobatic act with conventional comedy and tumbling but close with one of the best burlesque on “two strong men” ever seen in vaudeville—therefore they finish strong—if they had a good start their act would be great.

The Delbosq Troupe

Garden in 4. Two acrobats and tumblers who use eighteen supernumaries in the act. After a series of interesting feats one of them double somersaults over the heads of the eighteen men standing in line and finishes with a remarkable series of single somersaults.  

Thos. Nast, Jr

In 1. 12 minutes. Does a unique ambidextrous act, drawing cartoons with left and right hand simultaneously. Always manages to get good press notices through former newspaper friends of his father, the cartoonists.

The Five St. Leons

Garden in 3. 10 minutes. Acrobats and gymnasts sometimes called the St. Leon Family. Man and woman, ten year old boy, and two girls. These people don’t do any wonderful feats but everything they do is done gracefully. They have quite an assortment of costumes and always make a neat appearance.

The Stelling Troupe

Carry their own set to be used in 4. 16 minutes. This act is a four-flusher. The stage setting please[s] the eye and the spectator is left to expect something unusually interesting but sees nothing more than an ordinary horizontal bar performance made worse by a lot of silly pantomime. The act would really go better straight.

Elita Proctor Otis Camp

Parlor in 4. 14 minutes. Artistic monologues, divided into four parts each part telling a separate story but all fitting into each other. Attracts the most cultured people but pleases all classes. Monologue exceedingly artistic. Wore a new gown costing $500 and may be said to have scored a personal triumph. First engagement in vaudeville.

Harry Howards’s Ponies

Exterior. Full stage. 25 minutes. One of the handsomest dressed acts of its kind and most amusing in vaudeville. Ponies exceedingly well trained. Introduces some dogs and monkies that make lot of laughter. Whole act goes big.