Knowles and Whiteman

No. 2 was Knowles and Whiteman and woman, who first broke in as a new act in 1917. They work in “one” with comedy talk and songs, neither of which brought more than two laughs during their entire stay. The act isn’t there.

Walter Fenner and Co.

Walter Fenner and Co. in “The Bet,” preceded the picture and, although nothing could be said against the members of the cast, the playlet has not real punch until the conclusion. The title being derived from a bet of $50 which is made whether a girl has a heart or not. He accompanied by one girl companion, enters a supposed slum resort as an aristocratic couple. The story is framed that he has never taken a drink but is about to make a start as a tippler. The conversation is overhead by an underworld women sitting nearby. She jumps up, commanding his not to drink, thereby showing that a woman has a heart. He leaves the room after paying the debt and the fact is revealed that the two girls are friends pulling this bunco scheme whenever they have a sap.

Walsh and Edward

Walsh and Edward, man and woman of very youthful appearance, went over big and they deserved all credit. The couple could be classified as kids, for neither member appears over the voting age. They have a corking good dancing turn, the singing hardly measuring up. The make member sure can step.

Thames Brothers

Thames Brothers, an acrobatic team in neat white tights did well in the opening spot. The turn is away from the customary acrobatic offering, working slowly with hand to hand tricks, done while atop a specially built platform, the center of which revolved manipulated by the performers.

Bessie Browning

Bessie Browning, assisted by a male pianist, had no trouble in establishing herself in the laugh column, but her pianist was not so fortunate. Her imitations combined with delivery marked her in the hit column.


“Sultan,” a trained Shetland, accompanied by a nice looking, shapely blonde put things over in the opening points, The pony’s work mainly consists of mathematical problems, being offered by the trainer and the audience, while her pleasing personality and showmanship plays 50 per cent towards returns.

Thornton Flynn

Thornton Flynn, a tenor, was next to closing and scored the first big hit of the evening. He formerly did a single and was recently with “Cinderella On Broadway,” and prior to that was identified as Carroll and Flynn. He is now as assisted by a woman pianist and should be given consideration for the bigger circuit.  

Harry Jolson

Harry Jolson, direct from the big time, made his first appearance around New York in quite some while and was well appreciated. His unbilled assistant, seated in the orchestra rendering several pop number and a few lines of comedy talk helped considerably.  

Barthold’s Dogs

Barthold’s dogs held down the evening spot to satisfaction although there were occasional moments when the canine workers forced the trainer, who guides them off stage, to exert extra lung power. However, they registered favorably.

Uyeda Japs

[New act] Juggling, 10 mins; three. There two men are not newcomers to vaudeville, although their names appear unfamiliar. Evidently an old-time turn assuming a different name. The routine of work is old, having been done by many years ago. Opening in Oriental costumes with purple tights, they go through pedal barrel juggling, followed by one swinging two tin cups full of water attached to each end of a piece of rope and then back again with the barrel, a la pitcher and catcher, warming up before a baseball game. Nothing new, but should qualify at the smaller houses in the opening or closing spot.