As fine a looking lot of women as one could wish to see. The singing is elegant-every turn in the burlesque went big. There are some very funny things in it- Harry LeMarr looks fine- the new comedians are not as good as the ones last week-Toby Lyons only sang five verses- taken as a whole your burlesque has the road companies beat a mile.

Goblin Girls

16 of them. And a clown. This act is really an Amazon March. It is spoiled by trying to accomplish too much-out out the dark stage and the clown, show the girls in bright light and the act would be very fine. The women are all fine locking and fine shapes, but the act is a disappointment-went big, but it was due to the neat stars and stripes thrown on the group.- Costumes are very pretty, while and neat.

Anna Held and Co.

Two scenes: an exterior drop of the Jardin de Fleur, and the Cafe Paris-Nice.