A tramp juggler. Harrigan’s last appearance in Vaudville. Using the same act.

Roland West and Company

West plays the part of an injured jockey. He is built right and is handome with clean cut features and good eyes. The dummy horses were well manipulated. Henry B. Kellogg as “The pluger” is the best supporting actor. Edith Winters as “Flossie” and Florance Linclon as the nurse were both good.

Trumbull and Barnes

A sister act which is up to standard in the three essentials: dressing, dancing and stage appearance. Both girls are pretty, shapely and carry their clothes well. Cream coloured frocks of a little more than knee length. Their clog dancing is well done

Gracie Emmet

Pickering Brown worked too hard to be in the character of the pale and anaemic second husband.

Greene and Werner

Gorgeously dressed sketch.The woman of the team dresses and danced well and works hard. The sketch is picturesque.

Bailey and Austin

Their clownings are funny in a rough way, the novelty of their stunts saves them from dullness. Spare no pain for a laugh. The act has been improving since Hammerstein’s.


“Patters around on his feet under the impression that he is is dancing” “a number of costume changes” “carries his own scenery with some poor lantern effects.” “His semblance to a woman is close enough to be unpleasent.”