W.S. Harvey

Juggling act with more attempts at comedy by the woman.

Madge P. Maitland

She is offering more of a singing monolog. The talk is introduced with a reason and the different parts hold together. She gives an idea of a tough boy trying to tell his pal a few bits of American history. The talk has virtue, if only in the fact that it is away from the hackneyed stories and gags that have been repeated until they ‘bag at the knee.

Charlotte Perry

Based upon a murder leading upto an inquisitorial examination. The Murderess confesses to save her crippled brother from going to jail.

Louise Montrose and Auto Girls

Four girls assist with the auto song. Dress as cowboys and girls for the cowboy song finding oppotunity for the effective use of lariats.

Madeline Diston

House darkens after annoucment and a moving picture shows a train arriving. She arrives through a slit in the drop.

White City Quartet

“They suffered from nervousness and and were amateurish in their work throughout.” George Donaldson, the comedian borrowed jokes from other acts and spoils them.