Pilar Gill and Brother

The act was seven minutes long on the full stage. Pilar Gill and Brother opened the show with Spanish dancing.

Eli Dawson

The act was eighteen minutes long. Dawson performs a comedic monologue in blackface without the ever-present “rag” number which usually drags down acts of this type. He runs through his routine quickly.

Edward Winchester

The act was fourteen minutes long. Winchester is a singing monologist who opens with a number on a snare drum during which he does impressions.


The act was twelve minutes long. Zenita is a young female violinist who also dances. She plays both classical and “rag” numbers.

Mang and Sayder

This hand balancing act was six minutes long on the full stage. One six-foot-tall man stands onstage while balancing the other equally large man with his hands. The act is run through quickly, with no hesitation.

R.G. Edwards and Co.

The act was fourteen minutes long on the full stage. Mr. Edwards plays a star pitcher on a baseball team who agrees to throw a game for five thousand dollars to send to his ill mother. Doing so will lose his team the pennant. His sweetheart learns of his plan and convinces him not to do it, which incidentally earns him a loan to send to his mother anyway.

The Durands

The act was twelve minutes long on the full stage. This male and female comedy team roller-skate and dance.

Vedder and Morgan

The act was sixteen minutes long. The sketch focuses on a young millionaire whose father has left him in charge of his mills. One of the mills then goes on strike. The millionaire then runs over a young woman on his way home on a stormy night and fails to stop. A suffragette who is allied with the mill blackmails the young man, and insists that she will reveal his crime if he does not call off the strike. He does.