Herman Steisel

10 Mins.; One. Herman Steisel has the right idea on swinging around the pop house circuit with his ‘cello. He does not stay on the stage all night and grind out all the classics and all that sort of thing that masters of the ‘cello invariably do when playing vaudeville. Nothing of the kind. He starts out with a highbrowed selection just to show that he can hit ‘em up if he chooses and then swings into popular selection and closes with playing the choruses of Chauncey Olcott’s songs. The worlds being flashed on the curtain so the audience can swing away as Herman plays the accompaniment. It hits the pop house folks just right. Herman is a nice-appearing musician and visits his barber regularly.

The Mirimba Band

The Mirimba Band has four players, programed as natives of Guatemala.