Perry and Elliott

The woman plays straight while the man performs Hebrew comedy. They perform a song conversation made up of popular song titles.


The act was ten minutes long on the full stage. Farro is a shadowgraphist who forms shadows into shapes with his hands. He makes a rabbit’s head and the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, among others.

Florence Mascot

The act was fifteen minutes long. Florence Mascot sings character songs.

Isabelle Grey and Co.

The act was ten minutes long. Isabelle Grey sings a few numbers and is assisted by two men. Her “Sis Hopkins” number was the most popular.

June Mills

The act was ten minutes long. A young woman whose voice and figure are similar to Sophie Tucker sings two coon songs, then two others. She sings “Oceana Roll” in English and German.

Dennett Trio

The act was thirteen minutes long. Two boys and a girl sing and do a wooden shoe dance.