Valli Valli

14 Mins.; One. For her vaudeville debut Valli Valli, late star of “The Queen of the Movies,” probably selected the most inappropriate theatre in New York, for, strangely enough, they didn’t seem to favor the musical comedy calibre of vaudeville at “The Corner.” Miss Valli has four numbers, all ballads with a slow tempo and very suggestive of the musical comedy style. She also has a special musical director. None of the songs carried the required punch nor brought results and none succeeded in rousing the essential enthusiasm. Perhaps under more favorable circumstances the turn would connect, but for vaudeville in general Valli Valli needs more than the present billing to get over. The Majestic, Chicago, should have been her opening point for she is popular and there and her style would have met with favor. Her ability remains unquestioned, but unfortunately she lacks big time speed insofar as the vehicle is concerned.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.4, September 26, 1914