Toby Claude and Co.

“La Petite Revuette of Successes, Past and Present.: Toby Claude, lately returned from England, deserves much credit for having quite an original vehicle. During Toby’s stay in England, every idea gone before had been utilized by every short revue produced there. Toby, however, has gone them one better in this way and put something new over. William Smythe, who plays in the act, produced it/ The turn opens in real Parisian Revue style, with the Compere and Commere seated at a restaurant table, the Compere telling his companion about a certain actress he has seen in different productions in various parts of the world. As he describes the star in “The Belle of New York,” he and his companion are put in darkness and Toby and Smythe come out from a back-drop and sing the “When We Are Married” number from that show. In the same way songs are introduced from “The Chinese Honeymoon,” Folies Bergere, Paris, and from the Palace, London. After this the Compere and the Commere leave the stage and enter one of the boxes in the front of the house. Miss Claude and Smythe finish the act with “Tipperary.” Little Toby Claude has picked a very useful vehicle besides a clever helper in William Smythe. The rest of the company help.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.13, November 28, 1914