“The Blg Review,”

launched by Sam Desssuer snd Henry P. Dixon. Stages by Al White. "The Frivolities of 1018."; "Mary"; "Tbe Girl From The Golden West,"; "The Mudtown Zouaves,"; "Make Me Laugh"; "A Vision Of Salome,"; featuring Maurice Wood; Alfred Varaha; Anna Chandler; Frankie Heath and Sam Drane; Clem Bevins; George Betts; Bennis Mullen; Mae Hlllard; Helen Williams; Hattie Scribner;
The staging deserves commendation. Even in the comedy scenes the wllling and Industrious girls are active, either sauntering about the stage or one cajoling the other. There is more detail and technique than found In most shows. As a "review," without tbe comedy, it will be bard to equal, Judging, of course, from last season's standard. It Is a very good, clean and entertaining show, and worth seeing more than once.
Variety 11:13 (09/05/1908)