Sydney Dean & Co

MHR 2. In a vocal novelty entitled “Christmas on Blackwell’s Island.” They carry their own drop with represents three of the performers in cells, and the biggest part of the work is done with them behinds the bars. The fourth performer is on the outside. They all have magnificent voices; in fact, I consider it about the best singing act that we have played for some time. They were rather unfortunate in their place on the bill this afternoon as it was a little too late for them, but that will be remedied on the night show. I don’t think that there is any question but that the act, at the price we are paying for it and considering the element of novelty which it introduces, will be a success all over the circuit. 23 minutes in two.
University of Iowa, Keith-Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 14 March-21 November 1904