Rose Pitonof

10 minutes f.s. open in one. This 15 year old girl created a sensation here by swimming to Boston Light, a feat that has baffled the strongest men swimmers for the last 25 years. It is 12 miles out into the ocean and against all kinds of cross currents. She was in the water over six hours. She is a very small girl, rather plump and attractive looking, and when she went on the stage to-day her size and girlish appearance got the audience at the start. We built a splendid set, better than anything we have ever had for Kellermann or Hoffmann, she is working in a tank similar to Kellermann’s. This afternoon she went big. Although it was very warm and muggy, we had a big audience, and to-night the house is jammed from top to bottom. People standing on all floors. As far as outside booking is concerned, it is doubtful whether there is enough to justify it, expect the price at which she can be secured.
University of Iowa, Keith-Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 13 June 1910-20 February 1911