Nettie Hyde and “Cardiff Girls”

13 Mins.; Three. A new “girl act” with but four choristers, making the quintet look rather skimpy for a number of its kind. The turn is dressed exceedingly well, with the girls having three changes, all good looking, the final one being a military costume, during which Miss Hyde does her Russian dance. This is the best in the turn and largely aided in getting it over. Miss Hyde was always a better dancer than anything else. She was formerly of Victor and Nettie Hyde. Now she is singing four or five published rags (doing a double version with one with the self-carried office orchestra leader). An English coaster number, in costume, is done by the four chorus girls. Miss Hyde’s enunciation is quite faulty, and naturally interferes with the lyrics getting over. The turn will do in certain of small-time houses.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.12, November 21, 1914