Maurice Downey and Co.

"An Irish Arden."
Downey plays Pat O'Brien, the bullet-winged Nrthern of the Third New York, and a true, sentimental character he made of Pat too. Pat's wife, thinking him dead (killed in battle) has remarried an old southerner, a soldier of the Sixth Tennessee, and to their home wanders Pat. There's a scene with humor and pathos between the old vets with Pat learning that Simon Culpepper is the one who shot him on the field of action fifty years ago. Then Pay learns from his own wife that a son had been born but had died at 10. Pat decides to keep his identity hidden and quits the house with his old sword strapped to his side, his tracks leading to the little cemetery where the boy is supposed to be buried. The act was excellently presented and the three characters were ably portrayed, the work of Frank H. Swain being most splendid.
Variety, 40:13 (11/26/1915)