Matthews and Aishayne

The act was seventeen minutes long. Matthews, who was formerly teamed with Hebert Ashley, now works with Aishayne, a new Hebrew comedian. The pair perform in front of a Chinatown set. For the opening, Matthews plays a “dope” who meets Aishayne (who wears evening clothes) in the street. Matthews proceeds to sing a song about “dreamnight” in Chinatown, followed by a monologue. Aishayne has a few songs which he sings in the comedic style of Willie Howard. For the finish, Matthews reappears in evening clothes and he and Aishayne do a comedic operatic number. They do some rag for the encore.
Though the team was on just before closing, they "cleaned up" and could have kept on going.
Matthews is lucky to have found such a versatile comedian in Aishayne. Aishayne has a high range and a volume of funny facial expressions. This new act is sure to be welcomed onto the vaudeville circuit.
Variety 26:8 (27/04/1912)