Marion Murray and Co. (4).

20 Mins.; Full (Special). In this sketch Edgar Allan Woolf attempts to satirize the private lift of an operatic prima donna. Who his model was matters not. The story that the author has woven regarding the domestic difficulties of the prima donna, her hubby and her teacher-impresario are interesting and extremely laughable, but the cast at present needs two changes, one mighty important. The story tells of an operatic star who just wed a young millionaire  she is making his life miserable because of the daily routine that she must follow to keep her voice. There is the throat lozenge, the raw egg and the throat spray, and also the teacher-manager. This is enough to drive any young bridegroom to distraction. But the manager conceives a press agent plant which gives hubby a chance to beat up the manager and shows the wife that a career in the home is more important than one before the footlights and all ends happily. The producer must be taken to the task for his stage reporter. Never before has there been such a journalist in history. W. Mason who plays the role of the young husband fails at all time to be convincing Miss Murray very cleverly characterizes the role of the prima donna and W. Richardi as the teacher-manager is all that could be desired. The act needs to be whipped into shape and then will do nicely. At the Prospect Tuesday night it passed with three curtains at the close.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.7, October 17, 1914