Marie Nordstrom

Marie Nordstrom makes her bow as a headliner. Topping, single-handed, the majestic Majestic, Miss Nordstrom caused some lifting of eyebrows. She is not especially well known here, having played as a single now and then without causing unusual comment or arousing marked attention. When she came on Monday evening she got not one tap of recognition. “Tick, Tock,” the act which was extensively reviewed as new in the East, is not new here. Miss Nordstrom did all of it last year except the finishing number, the one in which she dies in the dressing room after doing a dance “with a leaking heart.” She also stages her Jap and luncheon numbers in pony sets within a cyclorama. She got goodly appreciation, as becomes a splendid little artist, but failed to qualify as a draw or star. Five empty rows on the main floor on a Monday in perfect fall weather told the story. Miss Nordstrom is an attractive young woman, a keen impersonator of types (except Japanese) and a first class vaudeville single. But the responsibility imposed on her seems to call for more “weight.”
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 8 October 1920