Lang and Coulter

14 Mins.; One. This blackface team is seen in an entirely new vehicle, which, however, follows somewhat in the line of what they have done hitherto in vaudeville. One is short and dapper and the other tall and lanky, with a sort of Bert Williams style of humor, and yet not patterned after him at all. The men come on after the sound of pistol shots back stage. It is explained they have been in a “crap” game, and the dapper little one has made away with all the money, leaving the lanky one to fight it out with the belligerent darkies who remain. A comedy razor is used with laughable effect, and a crap game played in the footlights is another good laugh. The little one has a song and later the tall one ambles on in a woman’s gown, and there follows a travesty on the modern dance. The act closes with a quaint dance, while the men play harmonicas. Both have a rich dialect, redolent of the southern darkey. They offered a lugubrious joke or two about a medical college and a cadaver, which might be eliminated. The act is a fine one for small or middle time, and at the Lincoln Hippodrome it seemed to hit the audience right in their funny bones. The men depend a little too much on realism, and their own native wit, but when they have worked the act out a little more, it will be a sure winner.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.11, November 14, 1914