Klaw & Erlanger’s “College Days”

Overhead is strung a line of college flags, but nowhere in the proceedings does the usually indispensable American emblem appear. If “College Days” has been a costly production, the expensiveness is not visible. The setting is not elaborate nor the costumes above the average.
On this are hung three singing numbers, and a background of twelve choristers evenly divided as to Rex. Mr. Bowers' hard work is important in bringing the piece through, he taking part in the three songs, the lyrics of which may have been written by him even though the melodies were not. "Dearie" has been fitted with words, and renamed ''Darling." It was as rapturously received as though the crowded house at the Music Hall on Tuesday evening had never heard the original. "One Best Bet" is a pleasing selection, but "If That Were Mine" at the finale makes the solid hit of the whole through the "business" introduced. At each
Rob Redding (Mr. Bowers) is the popular "Rah-Rah" of the school, and upon being informed on the lawn" in front of his apartments, where the scene is laid, that his chum, George Mason (Roy Denner), has married Violet Mason (Alice Wayland), which is apt to cut off the supply of spending money furnished by George's aunt (Felice J. Robinson), Bob takes the post of husband temporarily much to the annoyance of his own sweetheart(Lilian Rhoads). All this occurring on Bob's birthday, the "bunch" has assembled with tin horns to fittingly celebrate, and into the crowd comes Tobias Weller (Ross O'Neill), Bob's uncle, and the only "character" in the piece. The complications are abruptly brought to a climax by George acknowledging to his aunt in a breath, and while running, that he is married. This releases Bob from suspicion, and the other couples standing about become engaged forthwith.
The action of the piece is fast throughout and atones for much of the simplicity of the plot, the secret of which is at all times in the possession of the audience in contradiction of genuine farcical traditions. Mr. O'Neill does a legitimate bit, and the Misses Rhoads and Wayland are animated. Excellence in stage management, with a leaf taken from the George M. Cohan book about keeping your chorus on the quick -step, gives a dash to "College Days" which leaves the first vaudeville "act" of Klaw & Erlanger marked with the word "success."
Variety 8:1 (08/03/1907)