Kane, Morey and Moore.

6 Mins. Full Stage Fifth Ave. These three boys do two tricks in six minutes. Both are corkers. The final one is the only trick of its kind ever seen, and a wonder in perch balancing. The understander who is also an expert risley worker, balances a perch, silver, at least 22 feet high, on his forehead, while one of the young men clambers to the top. While there he gracefully does a full swing outward, with the understander still balancing the pole on his forehead without any other assistance. It held the house en wrapt and is one of the best acrobatic thrillers vaudeville has seen. The other trick was the balancing of a ladder on upraised feet, with the other boy doing’ acrobatic work upon it. The boys are full grown youths. It’s a turn for those who want a real acrobatic act of novelty that can go into any position.
Variety, LVIII: 2 March 1920