Johnny Dooley and Yvette Rugel

Johnny Dooley and Yvette Rugel form a likely combination with the former’s comedy eccentricities standing out above everything else. Dooley is one of those jumping-jacks who moves in and around the footlights as though he were on springs. He also works in some acrobatics to good advantage, and employs “nut stuff,” announcing it as an imitation of Bert Fitzgibbon. Miss Rugel loomed up best on the closing number, her voice showing high range, but with the singer having a tendency to swallow her articulation. She is an attractive miss in her Scottish kilts, the Highland “bit” closing the turn. Dooley is a clever chap and will develop as he goes along. at the Royal this pair were an emphatic hit.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.13, November 28, 1914