Jessie Hayward and Company

Comic dialogue.
"Air Castle Kate."
Francis Hoyt is the responsible author of "Air Castle Kate," featuring Jessie Hayward, who excellently plays her role with supreme ability. The skit carries two men and a young amateur actress and the scene is a dressing room in the Palace Theatre, Pottsville, Pa. In the opening scene Miss Hayward is seated, decorating her face as she has to hold down. No. 2 spot that evening. In the meantime Vida Walker, an amateur actress, is about to make her initial appearance on the stage, being forced to this business on account of her husband's father cutting their allowance. Vida walks out to make her first appearance before an audience and at this time Leon Hahn, playing the role of manager of the house, enters the dressing room and a flirtation is on between him and Jessie. The amateur re-enters the dressing room full of tears exclaiming that the audience laughed at her and now she is convinced that her attempts to become an actress are futile. Jessie, as Kitty De May, then goes on, supposedly in No. 2 spot, and knocks them off their seats. Coming back into the dressing room the manager and Miss Hayward are arranging a date, when a telegram comes to the amateur actress that her husband will meet her in Boston. Manager pays her off in full then makes ready for the party with his new acquaintance. William Hoffman, as props, occasionally comes into play waiting on Miss Hayward. The skit was humorously enjoyed at all times as it never affords a dull moment.
Variety, 54:13 (05/23/1919)