Jack Ellis and Co. (2).

19 Mins.; Full Stage (Interior). The sketch offered by Jack Ellis and Co. cannot be designated as either fish or fowl. It isn’t dramatic nor is it burlesque nor a dramatic sketch. It just between and not enough of either. Its theme seems to have been taken from “The Man of the Hour.” There is the young and honest mayor who is beset by the Boss who wants him to sign a bill behind which there unlimited opportunity for graft. The young man playing the mayor passes by nicely, but the boss is as fine a burlesque character as ever seen. The third character, the boss’ daughter, in love with the mayor, is poorly played. Mr. Ellis will have to make up his mind one way or the other regarding the offering. It must either be played straight, without trying after comedy, or burlesque throughout. It seems as though there would be room for the sketch on the small time as straight dramatic, with another woman in the role of the daughter.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.9, October 31, 1914.