Howard and Helen Savage

Howard and Helen Savage opened. This turn should close if it must do one or the other, because the opening is too pleasant to waste so early. Miss Savage, for a sharpshooter, is a bit of a prima donna, a diva and a beauty. She has a melting approach, a chummy roadster figure and dentist-ad teeth. Howard is a dignified party, very businesslike and matter of fact. He announces his sister when she goes aboard to the rear of the floor to shoot things on the stage, and he bids her au revoir very dryly when he shoots balloons off her brunette crown. It is a very showmanly turn, perhaps too familiar in the Mid-West to gain the full reward of Miss Savage’s development in personality and accomplished. In the East, or perhaps in England, this pair should get raising of eyebrows.  
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 19 November 1920