Grace Hazar’s “Five Feet of Comic Opera”

her next change to a sailor is where she appears at her prettiest.
Of chic personality, Miss Hazard wisely saves her excellent singing voice, excepting in two numbers, "Marble Halls" from "Bohemian Girl" and "Fra Diavolo."
Appearning in town for the first time this week at the Fifth Avenue, Miss Hazard sings the gems of the best known comic operas, changing to the characters on stage, with an explanatory note preceding each.
Her method of stripping down through underdressing is sufficient appeal for novelty, and she is without question or doubt one of the biggest hits of the many single turns lately recruited. Not alone does she give "five feed of comic opera," which describes her height and act, but Miss Hazard is offering two miles and one-half of solid enjoyment.
Variety 2:4 (02/23/1907)