G. 8. GORDON and CO.

“Off with the Old Love” Weird is a mild term for this affair. The Lincoln Square audience is not made up of discriminating theatregoers, but they laughed at the “drama” and declined to smile at the comedy. The setting is the living room of a gay bachelor. A woman comes to visit him. It appears that they have been concerned in a liaison, but the bachelor agrees that they will be married. She goes into another room when bachelor’s inebriated friend intrudes. In conversation with the souse it is revealed that bachelor is about to leave town to marry a country maid in his home town. Woman rushes out to upbraid him, while drunken friend interposes irrelevant remarks meant to be funny. If the sketch was bad, the acting was worse, and it was a 100 per cent flivver all around.
Variety, LVIII:2, June 3 1921.