Friend and Downing

The biggest score was hung up by Friend and Downing. The Hebrew dialect stuff of Friend has some good points in it, while as a feeder Downing is not found wanting. Their material in some instances is fresh and deserving of credit, while in the main it is a trifle stale. They pulled a good deal of stuff here that few managements would hardly sanction for the welfare of patrons with an idea, that comedy doesn’t necessarily have to be salacious to get over. Friend is an able comedian and has sufficient stage presence to work ad libitum practically two minutes after he and the boards sustain his shoe leather, but that doesn’t give him unlimited privileges. They were billed just right, for next to closing in second half, and were followed in the last position by Hori and Nogami, Jap equilibrists, who held their audience.
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 24 December 1920