Four Marx Bros. and Co.

"Home Again" - Written by Al Shean and presented by Minnie Palmer. There is little to the plot of this sketch. It centers on Henry Schneider (Julius Marx), who is returning with his family and friends from overseas. The scene opens on the dock after disembarking. Much to the anger of Mrs. Schneider, her husband, Henry, has fallen for the charms of a flirtatious soubret. Milton Marx plays Harold Schneider, whose primary job is to look handsome. Leonard Marx plays an Italian character who plays the piano. Arthur Marx plays the harp during the second part of the show, which takes place at a house party.
The pianists does comic things, getting a laugh every minute. The act went over very well. Many encores were demanded.
The brothers all shine in this piece; it allows them to display their own brand of rollicking humor. Arthur Marx is billed as "nondescript." He is made up as a "boob" with unpleasant makeup. While he gets a good many laughs, his character should be changed. At times it seems as if the members of the company do not have enough to do, but this should be remedied in time.
Variety 36:4 (09/26/1914)