Empire Circuit Co.

"The Frolicsome Lambs". The cast has two good comedians in Mike J. Kelly, the principal, and Frank Chick, the comedy bicyclist, who does a first rate eccentric during the pieces. Gertrude Fiske and May Belmont carry off the chief honors among the women. Meyer Harris is cast as a Hebrew bell boy working in a sort of partnership with Frank Chick. The olio started off with Gertrude Fiske, who went the limit on the "audience song" thing, tinging two songs to the boxes as well as another one of the acts. Mike Kelly and Meyer Harris had a conversational turn (Hebrew and straight) that developed nothing particularly interesting. Blanch Brothers and Randolph have a severely conventional musical act, and Alma Burman and May Belmont finished the vaudeville section with more talk.
Variety 16:2 (09/18/1909)