E.F. Ballin

7 Mins.; Full Stage. Ballin has two assets to support his vaudeville presence, i.e., a mandolin and an American flag. He plays the former while standing on one foot, and then with the instrument resting on his shoulder (making both look like a day’s work) and finally atop a table where he lies on his shoulders with feet suspended upward. At the psychological moment (there is one) he blows a small tin whistle and the stage crew pulls the necessary string to bring Old Glory into view, Ballin meanwhile picking a so-called patriotic number on the string, labeled “U.S. Sounds of Peace.” If the number he played goes for peace, those present seemed inclined to favor war. Ballin is either a museum, picture theatre or amateur act. His present routine is impossible.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.4, September 26, 1914