Dorothy Russell and Co.

Lillian Russell's daughter opened in a new field of endeavor when she gave for the first time her new playlet, "Ambition." The action takes place in the office of Willard Armstrong (Frederick Roland), a playwright. Georgine Summers (Miss Russell) appeals to Armstrong to give her a chance in one of his productions. During this time the appeal of Captain Ayres (James A. Fuery) is announced and Georgine retires into another room. The Captain came to tell his old friend Armstrong that his son (Robert Millikin) is infatuated with an actress. It is soon revealed that Georgine is the girl. She is called back into the room and finally agrees to break it off with the young man on the promise of a part by Armstrong. After the young man's entrance, Miss Russell appears as the young girl's mother, a decrepit old woman. She tries to disgust the man with his sweetheart, but it does not dampen his feelings. The two end up together, Armstrong promising to write a play around her.
There is a great deal of promise to the act, especially considering this is the first performance. With the running time cut three or four minutes, and the smoothness that a week or two of playing will give it, "Ambition" should prove pleasing.
Variety 25:2 (12/16/1911)