Dainty Duchess

They have placed sixteen girls in the chorus, given them gorgeous costumes to wear, staged the numbers artistically, have a full complement of principals, obliging the conviction that the “Dainty Duchess” is the most expensive show on the road.
John Adams of "The Big Three" is a help to the concerted singing, but like many good tenors, he is a bad actor. As an olio act the trio is a hit despite the fact that Miss Butler in illustrated songs, a position for which her voice is only suited, opens the olio, giving singing acts at both ends.
In the Spanish ensemble while "Senorita" is being rendered two girls step out of the ranks to sing the chorus, and utterly crush Miss Butler, both from a vocal and expressive standpoint. There is a "shaving" episode, possibly humourous to some, a "kissing" scene long protracted, "William Tell" shooting, and another dragged out out bit involving a "prop' dog.
There is no sequence to the piece. The comedy does not rank well up with the rest. It is not the fault of the comedians. It may grow to be like, but is very distantly removed from a sensation for burlesque. Miss Selbini had the dancer outclassed for exposure.
Variety 2:1 (02/02/1907)