Bobby O’Neil & Co.

The first revue to appear was Bobby O’Neil & Co. in “Four Queens and a Joker,” making a corking number three. Herman Timberg is credited with writing it, and the act is as brightly played, prettily costumed and tastefully staged. There is a peach of a song at the opening, with the strain admittedly lifted from a lifting operatic air. The Mexican song and business bit was well done, even if O’Neil dealt the cards the wrong way around. O’Neil’s clever dancing and general playing of the juvenile counted for much. The support in Mable Ferry, Dorothy Godfrey, Fay Tunis and Babette Busey looked good at all times. Miss Ferry had something on the others in the matter of pep, and tossed her curled bobbed head animatedly.  
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 15 October 1920