Bert Lytell

Nils Granlund, Loew publicity man, introduced Bert Lytell, building up an effective entrance for the latter with a brief preliminary announcement regarding Mr. Lytell’s personality, etc. adding that the “Met” was the fifth Loew house Lytell had appeared at Monday night. Lytell received a rousing reception. He’s a personable young fellow, with an easy off-hand manner of speaking that given the impression of working impromptu, a resonant voice perfectly modulated and penetrating to the farthest corner of the vast Met auditorium, and a delivery and presence betokening a thorough schooling in the legit previous to his picture career. His talk was in comedy vein, relating mostly to a picture in which he had appeared with a lion. It landed for laugh returns.
Variety Magazine, LVIII: 29 October 1920