Arthur Prince

He comes on stage dressed as a British naval officer with a dummy dressed as a sailor. Prince is never more than 9 inches from his dummy. It is “wonderful ventriloquism, especially as it is impossible to see a muscle twitch on his face when he is speaking, except through a glass, wen the under side of his chin may be observed to move ever so slightly, and the cigar held in his mouth almost constantly to tremor”
The dialogue deals with the sailor's duties on ship and is "exceedingly bright and mirthful". He does not manage to "throw his voice" but rather changes it "to perfection". He uses a different tone for officer and sailor. His deft handling of the head also "gives to the illusion a natural semblance:"
Prince enters with the dummy without a head and a stage hand enters and places the head on the mannikin "to avoid all suspicion of collusion"
Applause is plentifully given