“And a Child Shall Lead Them.”

This is the sketch written by Homer Miles on a rush order for the three children—Lambert Dickinson and Viola and Leonie Flugrath, who appeared here last summer with our stock company. The children went on this afternoon after five rehearsals and scored one of the unquestioned hits of the bill—not because they were here last summer but because they had a good vehicle and played it well. Although the sketch was intended merely as a Christmas week extra feature I consider the act good enough to be played anywhere where children can play. The story of the sketch is good, full of bright comedy lines and there is a little touch of heart interest. The fact that it is played almost entirely by children should make it a novelty on any bill. The youngsters are assisted by Miss Virginia Russell, who plays the mother of one the children. Kitchen in 3. Time 16 min.
University of Iowa, Keith-Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 13 June 1910-20 February 1911