Al Bellman and Lottie Moore

2 shows, 22 min. full stage. Presenting for the first time here their new comedy sketch “A Gallery Goddess”, introducing singing and dancing specialities. This act may go in some places, but will not do for Boston, and tomorrow and the balance of the week I will have them do their singing act, with character songs, which occupies about 18 min, finishing with their old Bowery song and dance, which was the hit of the previous sketch. Correction, pg. 127 (59)] In justice to these people I desire to make a second report upon their new act, “The Gallery Goddess,” in which I am obliged to practically eat my words of yesterday. After seeing the act before the Monday evening audience and again Tuesday afternoon, I find it goes well, if not better, than their old act. Last evening it held the audience very much better than Girard and Gardner, the previous week, and their work was punctuated by laughs and applause all the way through., ending in a double recall. It is only just to them that the fact should be published as broadly as the previous report.
University of Iowa, Keith-Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 14 March-21 November 1904