Addison Burkhardt, Colin Davis, Joseph E. Howard

With the house and stage otherwise dark, the lights thrown upon the row of smiling faces and bobbing curls, is the most effective chorus feature of the production. The costuming looks good enough, but at no time do the gowns raise an “Ah!” or “Oh!”
The music, like all of Joe Howard's studies at the piano, seems to come from several different directions twisted cleverly enough to disguise their origin to anybody but a "music sleuth" of keen scent.
The Sweetest Girl in Paris I love them all from A to Z. Nothing Too Good for You, Dear. Weather Mann.
From the demonstrations of approval which was bestowed upon the total result last Friday evening another "La Salle success" is on for a run. As one of the encores the girls are discovered with only, their heads showing above the stage, lined across.
Miss Friganzi, bubbling, effervescent and comical is the life of the party. Second only because of a less favourable opportunity comes Cathryn Rowe Palmer. The two women are a comedy host. Miss Palmer is consistently funny in every move and every time. " Alec" Carr, of old, or Alexander now, is a good actor and he proves it in bolstering into the lead of male achievements a role none too long and which might fail to convince in less skilful hands.
Variety 20:1 ( September 10, 1906)