John P. Medbury

John P. Medbury, local author, registered another hit through his latest play, “Hitched Up,” this week’s offering by Will King Co. King is a wealthy bachelor, Ikey Leachinskey, a victim of amnesia, and while under on of these spells is married, but when again himself cannot recall his wife. Lew Dunbar as Mike, his friend, finally discovers Ikey’s wife, who proves to be a widow with about ten children, all piling into Papa Ike’s room as the curtain drops. Reece Gardner as E. Pluribus Unum does a dope fiend who is anxious to sell his flea farm and uses real dollars as his business cards.

Robb and Whitman

Robb and Whitman, a mixed team in “one,” were the comedy hit. Dressed as school kids they brought laughs throughout. The girl is attractive and cute and has a pleasing voice, while the male member knocked out a hit with original schoolboy stuff.  

Harry Bolaski

Although billed to appear, Harry Bolaski, so-called “master mind” in the local liquor scandal, who was found guilty of violating the prohibition laws, cancelled temporarily on account of the court’s finding.

Chody-Dot and Midge

Chody-Dot and Midge, two women and a man, were a knockout in third position, having good comedy songs and piano accompaniment. The girls wore pretty gowns.

Hawthorne and Cook

Hawthorne and Cook, with meaningless conversation and gags, received continuous applause, almost stopping the show. They close with various musical instruments.

Herbert Clifton

Herbert Clifton, female impersonator, received tremendous applause for his character impersonations. He has a fair voice for the work and pretty gowns, and brought laughs with comedy attire.

Edith Clasper

Edith Clasper and boys proved the class. With excellent dancing it went big. Miss Clasper is pretty, graceful and has an elaborate wardrobe. The two boys made a hit with interpolated songs.  

Florenz Ames and Adelaide Winthrop

Florenz Ames and Adelaide Winthrop, in “Alice in Blunderland,” brought laughs with their snappy comedy impersonations of Russian and Indian life. Closed to good applause.

Elsie Murphy and Eddie Klein

Elsie Murphy and Eddie Klein were the hit of the show in a classy act. The male member scored on the saxophone wheel the woman knocked out a hit with new comedy songs. She has a fine voice and pretty gowns.

Goldberg and Wayne

Goldberg and Wayne, two men at a piano, were the hit of the show with their comedy song offerings. Both are possessors of pleasing voices. “Love Lies” was the King offering in its usual spot. The gowns worn by the principal and the chorus were especially attractive, mainly the wedding gown worn by Clair Starr. King scored again with his magnificent stage setting, getting a big hand on that alone. The book was good and interspersed with musical numbers went over big. A Sunshine comedy completes the bill.