Josephine Brown and Company

Scene reception room in a private sanatorium. Company comprises two men and two women. A noted surgeon is about to operate on a friend who is seriously ill and in danger of dying when he learns through a letter and a telegram that the friend and his wife are in love with each other. The surgeon approaches his wife and although she denies his charges at first, finally she acknowledges they are true. The nurse enters and says the patient is ready for the operation. The surgeon’s wife begs him not to perform the operation but he says no one else can. She is afraid he will kill the young man. Despite her tearful pleadings he enters the operating room and performs on the patient, returning a short time later and tells her it was his most successful operation. He says the patient will be entirely recovered in few weeks. The wife thanks him and asks his forgiveness. He gives and then announces he will leave for South Africa as he is wanted there and not at home. Miss Brown takes full advantage of the many opportunities offered for emotional work. The piece is interesting from the start and there are many tense situations nicely drawn. The act went very good. C.D.F. 22 mins.

Roatine, Brenhan and Company

Presenting “Trixie and the Amateur.” Scene, dressing room. Two women and a man. Two girls one an old timer and the other a newcomer are talking about the show business. The newcomer has dreams of being a star and the old timed tries to discourage her. Seeing she can’t, the old timer decides to get the new girl a chance after the stage manager enters and tells the new one she loses her chance as the girl whose place she was to fill has suddenly returned. The old timer act [sic] as thought she is under the influence of liquor and gets discharged. The new girl is then given the chance and as the curtain goes down the old timer walks off to the street. The act just got by in this spot. F.S. Time of act 18 min. This same set was played here by Eleanor Otis and Company.

James Brockman and Ernest Ball

One sits at the piano and furnishes accompaniment, while the other does character songs—Italian, Hebrew, German and others, remaining in his perfectly arranged dress suit meanwhile and indicating his characters by the addition of red handkerchief for the Italian and flat derby hat for Hebrew.