Musical Gordon Highlanders

Scotland’s Premier Entertainers. This act the best of any of its kind we have ever had. They do a lot of work on a variety of instruments besides the Bag-pipes; also some good solo work and dancing. The act made a hit in fact so much so that I made them fourth on the Bill for afternoon and had to move them down to closing for night show. 16 minutes. Full stage.

Chick Sale

Comedy Protean Entertainer in his Conception of “A Country School Entertainment.” Sales’ impersonations of six different characters great, changes of characters very quick work. Got audience from the start and made a hit. 18 min. In one. Own drop.

Evans Lloyd & Grace Whitehouse

In a comedy singing and talking act. While to me this act has a lot of merit to it and their material is original, they did not seem to make good with my audience and can say that they were received only fair. 15 minutes. Full stage—Close 4 minutes in one.

Myles McCarthy & Co.

Comedy sketch—“A Yellow Streak.” Three people. A good comedy which gets a lot of laughs all the way through. 21 minutes. Full stage.

Quinn & Gallagher

The Singer and the Pianist. A very neat singing and piano act which could go further down on the Bill. Went good. 12 minutes. In one.

Hugh Lloyd & Co.

Novelty Bounding Rope act. Best work I have ever seen. Balancing on a rope without a Balance Pole. Went very big. 11 min. Full stage.

William Sisto & Co.

The Great Italian Comedian in “His First Speech.” This act is something different from any act we have played before. Consists of giving a speech in Italian dialect for the first time. Pulls a great many laughs and finishes with giving a little musical turn with Harmonicas, concluding by playing seven of them, one after another balanced on his face. As a whole the act went very well, and is alright for an early spot on our bills. 20 minutes, in one, own drop.

Butler Haviland & Alice Thornton

In “A Question of Policy.” Singing and talking novelty. A very good line of stuff which went very good, but I feel are over paid. 21 min. Full stage, close three minutes in one.


Original Violinist. A very clever eccentric violinist. Made a hit. 18 min. In one.