Hazel Moran

6 min. f.s. This girl does good work with the lariats and made nice opener.

Dupree & Dupree

8 min. f.s., Man and woman in a very good routine of “cycling.” Closed the show well.

Belle Beker

17 min. in 1. Miss Baker has a very good selection of songs this time, and went over good.

For Fity’s Sake

29 min. f.s., Spec. This travesty is very well handled and got laughs all through, closing to a big hand.

Frank Dobson

15 min. in 1. Works a little on the “nut” style and seemed to please fairly well.

Somewhere in France

19 min. f.s., Spec. Four men in military costume and a “trench” setting. A novelty and went over good.

Santly & Norton

21 min. in 1. These boys have some great songs and were as big a hit as ever.

Clinton & Rooney

15 min. in 1. Boy and girl in a singing, talking, and dancing skit. The girl is a very good dancer. Went fair.

Hanlon & Hanlon

6 min. f.s., Neat and fast hand to hand balancing. Made a good opener.