Ford Sisters

  20 min. f.s. Very pretty act, went over well.

Claire Vincent & Co.

26 min. F.s. Spec. A good comedy sketch well handled. Got many laughs and closed to a nice hand.

Stagpole & Spier

  9 min. in 1. Man and woman in novelty acrobatic dancing and a little talk. Went good.

Tojetti & Bennett

10 min. F.S. Spec. A good fast dancing act with a very pretty setting. Opened nicely.

Act Beautiful

10 min. f.s. Spec. This act consists of posing horse and dogs. The best posing act this season and held audience well.

Johnny Dooley

16 min. 1 & 2 2 1/2 . This boy has a nice novelty, single, and went over good.

DeHaven & Nice

12 min. in 1. These boys are good dancers and have some fine original steps. Went good.

Emmet Devoy

19 min. f.s. Comedy sketch with good possibilities. Went fair all the way through, but closed to a good hand.

Seven Bracks

8 min. f.s. Good fast acrobatic act in a class by itself. Went good.

Shirley Sisters

11 min. in 1. Combination of singing and dancing. Make nice appearance, but went only fair.